Tech Company Videos

Bold Content Video are experts in creating tech company videos that deliver your message in a powerful way.

We work with tech companies to produce video content at different stages of their customer-lifetime cycle. From promotional videos, to explainer videos, to testimonial videos – we create videos that help to establish our clients as brand leaders.

We take complex information and make it simple

For both B2B and B2C companies, prospective customers do the majority of their research online.

As a result, high quality video content that communicates your message in a simple and engaging way can have a huge impact on your conversion rate.

Bold Content will work with you to establish early on what you want the video to say and how you can get the most out of your investment to ensure your video answers your prospective client’s questions and gains the trust of your consumers.

“Highly recommended to all. Not only is the price extremely competitive but also the quality and the customer care really amazed me. Bold Content is definitely the company I want to work with on future projects as well. I’m so glad that I’ve found Bold Content.”

Google, Admin Business Partner

Video is a perfect solution if your tech company has a complex service or product that you want to explain in easy-to-understand terms

Colt Partnership Hub Promotional Video

Bold Content can help you to deliver your brand’s message quickly and efficiently


Colt is a multinational telecommunications company that service network-intensive market segments.

Colt commissioned us to create an animation to promote their Cloud service offering. There was a lot of information to pack into one video so one of our main tasks was to simplify their complex offering to create a clear script with a targeted message.


Colu creates local currencies for smart economies using Blockchain technology.

Colu were looking to launch their digital currency app across cities in the UK and further afield. We were charged with creating a film that would explain all the features of the product as well as being an up-tempo video to engage a young, professional urban target audience.

Tech Company Videos Increase Credibility

Videos are all about increasing trustworthiness for your potential customer. It can be challenging to sell an invisible process, but video makes it possible to show viewers how your product works in visual and innovative ways.

Wouu are a retail software company.

This video demonstrates the benefits of Wouu’s customer experience management software. We worked with the client to create a script that mentions features and benefits of the product, but also highlights how retailers facilitate the emotional connections between customers and the products that they experience.

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