Bold Content Documentary Shoot for Lowe and Partners takes us around the world

Kenya’s heat, India’s bustle, Mexico’s diversity and Indonesia’s plush environment but it’s the diversity of personalities who we encountered in these places that make the videos so watchable.

These one hundred have such faith in their own ability to evolve and grow it is hard to see any other path for them other than one which leads unfalteringly to success. In their lifetime it seems certain that their hold on the rung of a newly emerging middle-class will become an iron grip with one hand reaching higher still.

Technology, media, social platforms have a strong place within the young global community – Facebook is big, the chorus of tweets rings out across Kenya, India, Mexico and Indonesia with resounding gusto.

Astonishing claims of 3000 friends on Facebook open our eyes to monumental levels of online interaction. One particular Indian lothario grinningly states that the majority of his connections are females with whom he enjoys some very fun parties: “facebook is a very nice place to be nowadays!”

Socializing online is huge in these countries, our youthful one hundred are eager to be on the cusp of the technology wave, not left behind in the murky depths of the immediate past. The characters we met whilst filming harness the tools of internet socializing and self-broadcasting to mobilize ideas, share experiences and contribute to an ever-growing community.

However, a degree of caution is practiced: “If I’m really angry and pissed off it better not to express it on facebook”, if you learn nothing else from the videos learn this!

They recognize the importance of personal identity and unique style, however, general conformity to the rule seems an unspoken gospel for the sake of an easier path in life, after all, “if you really want to stand out you have to make a big effort”.

A great majority of the one hundred individuals we interviewed share a common pride in their own nation’s heritage and culture. Whilst many are still intrigued by the lure of western styles they celebrate an independent, unique and original character that is wholly theirs’ and their countries’. The young adults showed a strong loyalty to their own fashion brands, styles, traditions and their palates, similarly, revealed a preference to familiar and trusted cuisines of their home countries (can we blame them?!)

To create the documentary we traveled to beautiful and far-away places, but what really brings the series to life is the amazing and inspirational characters we met along the way. Figure skater, dancer, musician, economics, history and politics students, racing car driver, chocolatier everyone was so different but they all had dreams, just like the rest of us.

Project Dreams: Anything Is Possible from Bold Content on Vimeo.

Project Dreams: Exhibitionist in a crowd from Bold Content on Vimeo.

Project Dreams: Socially Connected from Bold Content on Vimeo.

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