Want to make a recruitment video that people will actually watch?

Here at Bold Content, we produce videos that show our clients in the best light. Let us make a recruitment video for you to show potential employees all you have to offer.

It’s no secret that the current job market is now mostly candidate-driven. This shift has led to changes in the way companies recruit due to this heightened level of competition. 

So if you want to successfully attract and hire top talent, you need to create content that resonates with your potential candidates. And that content is video. And for that you need Bold Content Video. 

Studies have shown that video content generates higher audience engagement compared to other forms of content, be that for entertainment, for education or marketing purposes.

When it comes to recruitment, research by job site Monster found that job postings with videos receive over 38% more applications! Go figure! 

It’s little wonder then that a well-made recruitment video can effectively attract and inspire the right candidate to apply. Universities and Colleges can use recruitment videos to target potential students also. 

But how can you create recruitment content that is both captivating and effective in hiring the right candidates? How do you make one that truly stands out and make a video that people will actually watch? Well dear reader, be grateful for the knowledge that our huge time and investment in best practice SEO has (luckily for you) brought you to exactly the right place! So you should search no further, for you are in very safe hands. 

And this is how we do it…

We bring authenticity

Being truthful about your organisation can attract genuine talent by showcasing your authenticity, honesty, and transparency. We think this should be reflected in your recruitment video.

Include both the positive and negative aspects of your company. For instance, share how your company overcame a challenging situation and came out even stronger.

Using real, current footage of your employees in the workplace can also add to the authenticity in the feel of your video. This type of b-roll footage can enhance your employee interviews and make the final edit more lively, more engaging and ultimately more watchable.

Rather than stating your values, demonstrating how you live your values can have a powerful impact on the viewer. Hearing testimony from other people about how your organisation lives up to its values is authentic social proof.

We keep it concise, impactful and energetic

Candidates typically watch recruitment videos for around 1 minute and 30 seconds, as such we typically recommend to keep your videos under 2-3 minutes.

It’s crucial to capture your audience’s attention from the beginning. However, don’t reveal too much information at once. Instead, provide just enough to pique the viewer’s interest and keep them engaged. You can achieve this by starting with an intriguing question, a humorous blunder from an interview, a noteworthy statistic about the job, or scenes from a company event.

Once you have the viewer’s attention, you need to maintain it. The best way to do this is by adding rhythm and flow to your video, incorporating different camera angles, shot speeds, and cutaways.

We steer well clear of extended, stagnant shots to create a faster paced  dynamic atmosphere, switching between shots every 3-5 seconds. Conversely, we opt for shots lasting 5-7 seconds when we’re looking to convey a more serene and relaxed vibe.

We feature a happy motivated team 

The most effective recruitment videos are centred around people. What inspires your employees to work at your company? What drives them to come in every  day? Whether you’re creating a highlights video of a company event or showcasing your values, employee interviews will always captivate your target audience.

We’re adept at encouraging motivated volunteers from your workforce to participate in the company video and select those who are most at ease speaking on camera.

We insist on superior quality sound and awesome music

Poor sound quality is one of the primary reasons why people stop watching a video, so ensure to use a high-quality microphone when capturing employee testimonials.

During the recording, be mindful of background noises such as slamming doors, microphones rubbing against clothing, and people coughing. These sounds can make the editing process difficult and potentially ruin your interviews.

The soundtrack of your recruitment video should align with your company’s personality and support your message. For instance, a startup might use upbeat, contemporary music to reflect its energetic, youthful culture, while a well-established company might opt for a more neutral, professional soundtrack. 

Be cautious of music copyright issues and ensure that your soundtrack is royalty-free. The music should engage viewers and not be a distraction, so lower the volume when someone speaks in your video.

What types of recruitment videos can you make to attract new talent?

Company highlights videos

Candidates are often interested in more than just the job itself when evaluating potential employers. They want to know about the social atmosphere and opportunities to connect with coworkers. A company event highlights video can showcase the fun and enjoyable experiences employees have outside of work. 

By capturing footage from events like after-work gatherings, sports classes, and company retreats, you can create a short, easy-to-watch video highlighting the best moments. This type of video is an effective way to grab the attention of potential candidates on your social channels.

Employee testimonial videos 

Employee endorsements are a highly effective way to showcase your company as a great place to work. Let potential candidates hear directly from your employees who are passionate and excited about the company. Social proof is powerful, and candidates are more likely to trust the positive message about the company coming from regular employees than the CEO.

Consider covering the following topics in your interview questions:

  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Work-life harmony
  • The company’s origin and future vision
  • The company’s product or service
  • What sets the company culture apart
  • Company events and social activities

These videos can be featured on your company website’s careers page or on recruitment websites. It’s important for the videos to feel authentic, so let your employees speak naturally. At Bold Content Video, we can work with you to create a script that covers your main points whilst still allowing for natural, unscripted conversations.

Day in the life videos

Bring potential candidates into the daily work life at your company with a ‘Day in the Life’ video. Showcase the day-to-day activities of an employee and provide a realistic glimpse into the position being offered. 

Captivate your audience by filming the employee and having them provide commentary about their tasks or opt for a modern, selfie-style video. This type of content is not only entertaining to create and watch, but it also strengthens your company’s brand image from an employer’s perspective.

Onboarding & meet the team videos 

Before submitting a job application, every job seeker wants to learn about the people they may potentially be working with. “Meet the team” videos can help personalise a company’s brand, showcase the fun and your accomplished team, whilst persuading applicants that they’d be a good fit. 

These videos should be intimate and include photos or brief footage of team members, their names, job positions, and ideally some interesting personal details.

They took a very dry subject and brought it to life with their creativity, energy and commitment.

Action for Children,Policy Manager

Our clients

Bold Content Video have experience at creating recruitment videos for a wide range of clients and across a diverse range of industries. We have had the privilege of working with leading organisations such as the The Landscape Institute and innovative businesses such as Metaswitch and Page Group.

Landscape Institute

Video is a cost-effective option for delivering your recruitment message.

In order to attract the best candidates and communicate more effectively, businesses need to have a high-quality video to communicate who they are, and what they stand for.

Video attracts a broader range of job seekers, especially those in the younger generations. 

People graduating nowadays prefer video over text when searching for information about companies. It helps them discover the look, feel, and authenticity of your company in a short space of time. 

We are experts at shaping videos which will intrigue candidates and communicate your values in a visually engaging way.

A recruitment video we created for Metaswitch to attract top graduate talent.

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