Metaswitch is the world’s leading cloud native communications software company, constructively disrupting the way service providers build, scale, innovate, and account for communication services.

The Brief

Bold Content was approached by Metaswitch to create a recruitment video which would highlight why Metaswitch is such a great place to build a career.

Recruitment Video

We love the challenge of making a recruitment video as it allows us to really determine the inner working of a brand. The people are the most important asset in a knowledge driven industry so finding out why people are drawn to certain companies is always fascinating.

There were two key components to this video, the interviews and the cutaways. We made sure the interviews were in different environments so that it didn’t seem boring, as the last thing you want in a recruitment video is for it to seem boring.

For the interview setups, we opted for creative framing of the subject to again make it more interesting than standard talking heads. We used soft key lighting to help enhance the natural lighting in the offices, we didn’t want it to feel staged and fake.

For cutaways, we used a mixture of long lens beauty shots coupled with dynamic moving gimbal shots to show the energy and enjoyment to be had working at Metaswitch.

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