Explainer Video Production

Explainer Videos are a great way to break down a complex idea, make your marketing messages more memorable, and engage your visitors more deeply.

Bloomon Facebook Video Ad

A still from the Bloomon Televison & Facebook Ad Video

Explainer videos are one of the most popular types of corporate videos. An explainer video maps out the unique features and benefits of a product, by showing how to use it. They can be live-action or animation only, or combine the two methods. A well-done explainer video can also double as an advertisement and add credibility to your product.

Our in-house production team are able to conceptualize existing ideas or turn a brief into fully fledged explainer video ideas. This process can include, script writing, storyboarding, shot-listing. After the ideas are written up we are then able to create short animated pieces from the storyboards in order to prepare for timings, dialogue, and action. From there we organise props, casting, locations and crew after a date is set and the production takes place. We then compile the footage from the shoot, it gets prioritized and sorted. The editors then follow the storyboard or script and build the film.

A still from our animated explainer video for the BlueHat group.

We are able to provide cinematic quality video equipment such as SONY FS7, SONY A7s or for bigger budget productions the infamous ARRI Alexa.

Video marketing statistics from last year show 98% of internet users have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. 74% of those people subsequently purchase the item or service.

Explainer videos must be short, sweet, and appeal to both visual and verbal learners. Bold Content has created successful explainer videos for SIXPAD, Bloomon, and others.