Training Video Production

At Bold Content Video we make training videos to educate and entertain audiences.

Learning through video enables people to retain new information faster and more accurately. Video contains all of the elements of communication which makes it much more effective than other mediums for training.

There are many uses of training video production. It can be used to teach clients or customers how to use a product or service, or it can be used internally to teach or train staff.

The most important part of training video production is to ensure that they are clear, concise and interesting for the target audience.

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At Bold Content Video we make training videos to educate and entertain audiences.


Training Video Production

A still from our tea training video we produced, filmed and edited for Tetley Tea.

We take the time to understand your training objectives in-depth. We identify and research your target audience in detail. This allows us to create a video which is the most persuasive and engaging for your training purposes. All of our training videos incorporate content and a tone that we will resonate best with your training videos audience.

At Bold Content Video Production we provide full-service training video production. We can work with an existing concept or help you define your training video vision. Our video training production team will then work writing the script, shooting, editing and delivering the finished product. We have access to an award-winning team of in-house production talent which ensures that you receive the highest quality work throughout the production process.

At Bold Content we work with a wide range of clients to meet their video training needs. This includes both for-profit and non-profit organisations. No matter your organisations size or budget, we will give your project the attention that it deserves!



Video is the key to unlock the potent power of learning

The most widely favoured form of content on YouTube is ‘How to’ videos, and the e-learning sector is experiencing unprecedented growth. So what’s the reason behind this phenomenon?

It’s the power of video. By blending visuals and text, a learning program’s efficiency can be enhanced by as much as six-fold, as evidenced by the Pictorial Superiority Effect.

The Pictorial Superiority Effect refers to the phenomenon where information presented in a visual or pictorial form is more easily remembered and recognised compared to information presented in textual or verbal form alone. In other words, people tend to have better memory retention and recall for images and visuals than for words or text.

Why Bold Content?

Bold Content Video specialises in creating training content that is informative, educational, and highly impactful. Our expertise lies in producing learning and informational videos for a wide range of sectors, including fin-tech, public services, arts, charity, and education. Whether you require a concise health and safety briefing or a comprehensive long-term training program, we are here to assist you every step of the way.

What type of training videos do we make? …And why we should we make one for you!

Product Training Videos

The marvellous art of showcasing new products in all their glory! Our product training videos are essential viewing when it comes to enlightening your customers on how to make the most of a particular product or service. So let us whisky them away on a visual adventure, highlighting features, providing comprehensive usage instructions and best practices for optimal performance.



Why you should commission us to make you a product training video:

Clear and Visual Demonstration

Product training videos provide a clear and visual demonstration of how to use a product. By showcasing the product’s features, functionalities and best practices through video, you can effectively communicate complex information in a concise and easily understandable manner. Visual demonstrations can significantly enhance comprehension and make it easier for employees, customers, or partners to grasp product usage.


Product training videos ensure consistent messaging and information delivery across all your training sessions. Whether the training is conducted in-person or remotely, each viewer will receive the same standardised content, avoiding any potential inconsistencies that may arise from relying solely on live trainers. Consistency in training helps to establish a unified understanding and experience of the product. Sounds good doesn’t it?


As your company grows and expands its customer base, it becomes challenging to provide in-person training for each individual. Product training videos offer a scalable solution, allowing companies to train a large number of customers or employees simultaneously. Videos can be shared easily through various platforms, such as websites, learning management systems, or video hosting platforms, enabling efficient distribution to a wide audience.


Compared to traditional in-person training sessions, product training videos can be a cost-effective solution. Once we produced it, your videos can be reused for multiple training sessions without incurring any additional expenses. Thus eliminating the need for hiring and training additional trainers, training the trainer, training the trainers trainer, conducting repetitive training sessions.. You get the idea! There’s significant cost savings to be made over time. Which is sure to keep you in the FD’s good books, you clever thing you.

Accessibility and Flexibility

Product training videos can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and on various devices. This level of accessibility allows employees, customers, or partners to learn at their own pace and convenience. Out of the window goes geographical barriers and time constraints. Remote or global teams can access the videos as needed, ensuring consistent and flexible training.

Ongoing Reference and Support

Product training videos can serve as valuable on-demand references and support resources. After the initial training’s been done, users can revisit specific sections or refresh their knowledge whenever needed. Videos can address common questions or issues, providing ongoing support and guidance even after the training session has ended. Meaning less customer support calls; and yes guessed it, significant savings over time.

Multilingual and Localisation

Product training videos can be easily translated or localised to cater to diverse audiences in different regions. By creating videos in multiple languages or adapting them to specific cultural contexts, you can ensure effective training and adoption of your products across global markets.

Engaging Learning Experience

Videos offer an engaging learning experience through the use of visuals, animations, demonstrations, and our bold storytelling techniques. These elements mixed together capture your viewers’ attention, will enhance comprehension and thereby increase knowledge retention. And as we’ve said earlier, the science bods have already proved it; Engaging videos create a positive learning environment and promote a deeper understanding of the product. Simples.

Employee Onboarding Videos

An employee onboarding video from bold content is the secret to a smooth onboarding process, acquainting new recruits with your company’s culture, values, policies, and procedures. Introduce them to key people, training modules and processes to ensure everyone feels sufficiently welcomed and considered. If you want to roll out the red carpet for those fresh faces, employee onboarding videos are an invaluable way of doing it.


Why should you commission us to make an employee on-boarding video:


Training videos provide a consistent onboarding experience for all new employees. The content, delivery, and messaging remain the same across multiple sessions, ensuring that each employee receives the same information and avoids any inconsistencies that may arise from relying solely on live trainers.


Training videos allows your company to scale its onboarding efforts efficiently. As the company grows and hires more employees, it can be challenging to schedule and conduct in-person training sessions for each new employee. However videos can be easily distributed, and even accessed by multiple employees simultaneously, allowing for a streamlined onboarding process without sacrificing quality. Tick.


Compared to traditional in-person training sessions, training videos can be a cost-effective solution. Once produced, the videos can be used repeatedly for onboarding new recruit after new recruit, without incurring additional expenses. This eliminates the need for hiring and training additional trainers or booking out dedicated training spaces. Which means more in the coffers for the staff Christmas party!


Training videos allow employees to learn at their own pace, reducing the training time required from trainers or HR personnel. New starters can access the videos at their convenience, replay sections as needed, and learn at a speed that suits their own individual learning style. This level of flexibility ensures efficient knowledge transfer while respecting the time constraints of both the employees and the company itself.

Visual and Engaging Learning

Videos provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience. They can incorporate various multimedia elements such as animations, graphics, demonstrations, and real-life scenarios, making the content more visually appealing and stimulating. This visual engagement helps employees retain information better and enhances overall comprehension and knowledge retention. There really is a science to it!

Accessibility and Flexibility

Training videos can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and on multiple devices. This flexibility is especially valuable for companies with remote or distributed teams. New recruits can easily access the videos remotely, ensuring consistent training regardless of their location or time zone. And with more and more flexible working environments becoming more and more the norm – accessibility and flexibility should be key considerations when considering an new employee onboarding process.

Standardised Training

Training videos ensure that all new employees receive the same standardised training, reducing the risk of crucial information being missed or inconsistent messaging being delivered. Standardisation is particularly important for compliance-related training, ensuring that all employees receive the necessary knowledge and adhere to legal and regulatory requirements.

On-demand Reference

Training videos serve as valuable on-demand references for employees beyond the onboarding phase. Employees can revisit specific sections or refresh their knowledge whenever needed, enhancing their ongoing learning and development. Nifty ay?

“When filming they were sensitive to our clientèle. They worked tirelessly to create what we were looking for.”

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