Training Video Production

At Bold Content Video we make training videos to educate and entertain audiences.

Learning through video enables people to retain new information faster and more accurately. Video contains all of the elements of communication which makes it much more effective than other mediums for training.

There are many uses of training video production. It can be used to teach clients or customers how to use a product or service, or it can be used internally to teach or train staff.

The most important part of training video production is to ensure that they are clear, concise and interesting for the target audience.

Training Video Production

A still from our tea training video we produced, filmed and edited for Tetley Tea.

We take the time to understand your training objectives in-depth. We identify and research your target audience in detail. This allows us to create a video which is the most persuasive and engaging for your training purposes. All of our training videos incorporate content and a tone that we will resonate best with your training videos audience.

At Bold Content Video Production we provide full-service training video production. We can work with an existing concept or help you define your training video vision. Our video training production team will then work writing the script, shooting, editing and delivering the finished product. We have access to an award-winning team of in-house production talent which ensures that you receive the highest quality work throughout the production process.

At Bold Content we work with a wide range of clients to meet their video training needs. This includes both for-profit and non-profit organisations. No matter your organisations size or budget, we will give your project the attention that it deserves!

“When filming they were sensitive to our clientèle. They worked tirelessly to create what we were looking for.”

Event Director – Runwild Media Group

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