Life Saving Rules


 To reinforce Coca-Cola’s commitment to safety in the bottling environment they asked us to create a series of videos about their Life Saving Rule initiative. We were briefed to create videos that could be distributed throughout all Coca-Cola bottling facilities around the globe to an audience of frontline workers. 

Rather than creating a dry health and safety rules video, we advised that it would be more impactful and memorable if we made a series of human-interest stories to tie universal emotions and reasoning to the importance of safety for all Coca Cola employees. 

Our aim was to empower their frontline workers to take the rules and make them personally relevant. This would ensure they enforced the rules for colleagues and visiting contractors. 

In each film we featured one member of staff from the Coca Cola team discussing one specific Life Saving Rule that was important to them. This was made all the more poignant when they discussed why it was important to return home safely. 

One of our favourite moments was hearing a father describe how he needed to return home safely to watch his son play football on Sunday. As he described this he showed a picture of his son in football kit. This poignant moment helps the audience to associate the life saving rules with the universally recognised emotion of a father’s love for his son.

Each film was made from interview footage with action / b-roll shots captured to tell the visual story.

Above you can see one of the films from the series and below you can see a trailer for the series with footage from around the globe.

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