Client Testimonial Videos

A client testimonial video is a powerful, personal recommendation you can showcase on your website.

A client testimonial is a video that features your customers talking about the positive experience they had with your brand. They are powerful sales tools because current customers are able to tell future customers how they benefitted from your product or service. If the person being interviewed in the testimonial video is relatable and believable, it makes for a powerful recommendation.

We know that people trust the opinion of other people, and that buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. 

Testimonials sit towards the bottom of the sales funnel, meaning they’re incredibly effective at persuading customers to make a purchase.  Once they’ve been through the research and consideration phase, where they look at your brand and decide whether you look like a good fit, they then want to make sure you’re trustworthy and can deliver a good product or service.  That’s where the testimonial plays its part.

Having captured many testimonials over the years, we’ve honed the skill of scripting the right questions to get incisive responses. We would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you, so please get in touch if you’re thinking about creating a customer testimonial film for your business.