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Explainer video about bolier upgrading

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer Testimonial Film

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Case Study Films


This is our second series of case study videos for Boxt. They were so delighted with the results of the initial series that they asked us to produce another series of six films.  The results from their use of our films in their digital marketing resulted in an uplift in sales and customers commenting on how they felt more at ease using Boxt having heard from previous customers.

This time BOXT set us the challenge of producing a series of case study videos consisting of customer testimonials, explainer videos and an employee testimonial. In order to produce these videos, we had to shoot in multiple locations around the UK.  We shot these videos over a one-week period, providing the necessary equipment for each of the shoots.

We used in-house equipment, from cameras to microphones and lights. The videos were edited by our in-house editor, from start to finish.

Each film highlights a different USP of their service and Boxt are using them on the homepage of their website to provide social proof that their service has many tangible benefits for real people.

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