Craft Drink Company Case Study Testimonial


When we’re asked to film a case study video we work with our clients to find out what sits at the heart of the story. We don’t just want to film people saying nice things about our client, because that makes for dull content. We’re more interested in telling a story from the perspective of a potential customer, and that’s how we approached the storytelling in this video.

Having conducted a brand archetype exercise with MarketInvoice, we’re aware of their tone of voice and we understand that they don’t like to present themselves as the hero of the piece. It’s really all about celebrating the customer and in this video we portray Richard as a very humble, hard-working, British Entrepreneur whose business has been able to develop due to MarketInvoice’s help.

This is an example of how we approach our case study videos in a unique way. We tell stories by demonstrating to prospective customers that our client understands their struggles and they have a solution that will work for people just like them.

Because we have a thorough understanding of MarketInvoice’s target customers, we’re able to put ourselves into their shoes to determine what they would want to know from a testimonial. It’s more than just the fact that someone else was happy with the service (after all MarketInvoice wouldn’t be making the video if it wasn’t about a positive experience) but we need to hear the details. Explanations such as, how the company’s turnover grew, are vital to enable other business owners and CFOs to understand how MarketInvoice can help them.

We want to make the viewer feel like it’s all about them. They’re hearing about another business’ success because it relates to how they run their operations. The fact that Richard spent 4 out of 5 days visiting customers will be of great interest to other founders looking to scale up.

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