Case Study Testimonial video for

When we start a case study video featuring a client testimonial we like to ask ourselves a question: ‘How can we show the brand’s prospective customers that the brand understands their customer’s requirements and they have a great solution that meets those exact needs?’

In order to make our subjects relatable to other prospective customers we like to make sure they’re relaxed and comfortable when we conduct the interview. This leads to a natural free-flowing conversation where they feel comfortable mentioning all the positives of working with our client.

In this case study for we met Will Plummer of Trust My Travel who was a pleasure to interview. He was a laid back guy who naturally spoke coherently about his business. He wasn’t afraid to share his growth struggles and how Checkout had helped him to overcome them.

We spent a couple of hours interviewing Will then visited their office to capture B-roll over half a day.

Because we had spent time with Checkout prior to the shoot in order to get to know their target client we were able to understand how to make the video as relatable as possible to their own growth journeys.

We used a ‘hook line’ at the beginning to grab the customer’s attention and lead them into the video. This also humanises Will and let’s them know they’re not going to be watching a boring, scripted, corporate testimonial. Authenticity is key when building rapport with a media-savvy audience because they can tell a scripted comment a mile away. We like to pride ourselves on making our testimonial videos as relaxed and as natural as possible.


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