Travel Video Production

Travel Video is the perfect way to promote a destination. Bold Content creates videos that sell not just a place, but an experience.

More than half of all travellers watch video online, and more than 61% of those people do so to choose the place they will visit. This makes travel video one of the best ways to promote tourism for your region.

We have traversed the globe to make the best possible travel videos for our clients. We have filmed in locations from Italy, to Austria, to India, to South America, and the US. We strive to represent these amazing locations with excellent quality videos. We have worked with the world’s largest guided tour company, Trafalgar Travel, to produce videos that convey a sense of awe and wonder.

Bold Content will work with you to feature all the things that make travel exciting: the cuisine, the people, the culture, the location. We create videos that add emotional depth to the travel experience, and will reveal your destination in the best light.


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