Trafalgar Travel

Trafalgar Tours is a travel company that provides guided holidays to over 200 destinations worldwide.

The Brief

We are the video production partner of Trafalgar, the world’s largest guided tour company. As part of that remit, we documented some of Trafalgar’s best “Be My Guest” experiences. In this “Be My Guest” experience we were hosted by Chef Libero who runs the Villa Machiavelli in Tuscany.

Chef Libero

This video was shot in the beautiful Tuscan Hills with the larger than life Chef Libero who runs the Villa Machiavelli.

We shot the interview section with a backdrop of an old villa and rolling hill vineyards to help place the piece visually. This was complimented with slow mo cutaways shot at 50fps to allow us to slow it down to help capture those candid moments of friends sharing food and enjoying their perfect holiday.

The colour grade was based on yellow and orange hues to help show off the lovely sun-kissed environment.

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