Trafalgar Tours is a travel company that provides guided holidays to over 200 destinations worldwide.

The Brief

We are the video production partner of Trafalgar, the world’s largest guided tour company. As part of our remit we were asked to produce their cornerstone brand video which now features on their website

Brand Video

Marketing travel is about selling the experience as well as selling the place. With these videos you can really creative in your choice of filming techniques. This is exactly what we did and to achieve this we took lots of varied kit and had four crew members so that we could capture those moments in a multitude of ways.

Our main camera was the Sony FS7 which is a high end video camera. Due to its great internal codec and great features such as filming in high frame rates (for super slowmo) allowed us to capture those beauty shots of people in the amazing surroundings. We also used the Sony a7s that is a great for work that bigger cameras can’t do as easily.

Pulling all these techniques together in the edit is not just a case of laying them down and it working. You have to consider which shots lead into one another both visually and in the overarching narrative of the piece. You might have a timelapse of a sun rising which then cuts to a gimbal shot roaming around the vineyard which then speed ramps into people making the wine, then match cutting into wine glass, which is then drunk by the tourists.

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