Trafalgar Travel

Trafalgar Tours is a travel company that provides guided holidays to over 200 destinations worldwide.

The Brief

We are the video production partner of Trafalgar, the world’s largest guided tour company. As part of that remit, we documented some of Trafalgar’s best “Be My Guest” experiences. In this “Be My Guest” experience we were hosted by Sister Monica Maria at the Kloster Wernberg Nunnery in Villach Austria.

Nunnery Kloster Wernberg of Austria

We were invited into the Kloster Wernberg nunnery in Villach Austria which is set in stunning surroundings. Our crew were welcomed and treated to a fantastic meal from home-grown produce. We had a challenging shoot trying to capture the beauty and deal with tricky weather conditions but we found some beautiful landscapes and gardens.

When shooting in a place as glorious as this you want to capture all the details and landscapes. We made sure we were shooting s-log on our Sony fs7 and a7s which meant we could retain those highlights. The a7s on the gimbal was very important for the cutaways as sister Monica describes the space and how they love welcoming guests, so we used the camera to explore the space as a guest would, picking out those lovely details in the buildings and surrounding gardens.

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