Bold Content How to Create a High Converting Customer Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are extremely effective for moving a prospect from browser to buyer.  According to a survey from Dimensional Research 90% of people said that they were more inclined to purchase a product if they were exposed to a positive review first. 

Testimonial videos allow prospective clients to hear opinions from people that are not part of the company. Prospects are more likely to trust their recommendation because the speaker does not have an ulterior motive in praising the company

When done well all of the elements of the testimonial, both visual and spoken, will help to reinforce this trust. When done poorly testimonial videos can actually be detrimental to the company’s image.

Here are some key tips for creating authentic testimonial videos that build – not damage – consumer trust.

Market Invoice Customer Testimonial With Smith and Sinclair

The Power Of Specificity And Story Telling

If the testimonial does not have a clear focus then viewers will become bored and stop watching the video. If the speakers fails to highlight benefits of working with the company, then it gives the impression that either they cannot remember specific things the company did, or that the company did not do any actual deliver an experience which was memorable.

In contrast, if the speaker tells a funny or engaging anecdote, or can specifically state what the company did to help them, then people will be more interested in the video. Story based testimonials with a structured narrative can be particularly effective because they make the viewer want to watch the entire video to see how the story ends.

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Developing User Engagement With A Compelling Speaker

The testimonial has to grab the viewer’s attention from the very beginning, with an interesting quote, question, or an engaging visual. It is critical that this initial momentum is built upon. A huge part of retaining that viewers attention is how personable the people are in the video.

The video production company should meet with the interviewees before they go on camera, to talk to them about the type of questions that will be asked, and see what they will cover. This can help to reduce the nerves of people who may be speaking on camera for the first time.

Building A Sense Of Authenticity

This is a huge one. Nobody wants to watch a video which feels like an advertisement. Viewers want to hear the experiences of real people, not robots who are obediently repeating the message they were given.

An effective talking head video will feature a relatable previous customer who genuinely appears to love the company that they are talking about. While you shouldn’t always expect a testimonial to be gushing in it’s praise, you should aim for authenticity.

Avoid putting words into the interviewee’s mouth. They will sound much more genuine when they say things in their own words and their own way.

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