Tetley Tea

Tetley is largest tea company in the United Kingdom and Canada, and the second largest in the United States.

The Brief

We were asked by Tetley to film their Tea Masters eLearning series. The training was presented by Tetley’s Master Blender Sebastian Michaelis.

Tea Masters eLearning video

The Tetley video was filmed at Tetley’s office in their professional tea tasting room. The location presented us with a slight challenge because other people needed to use the room during the day. Sound issues are a common problem when you are shooting at a client’ office. Through careful planning and coordination with Tetley staff we were able to overcome these problems.

The video necessitated a white background but using the existing counter top in the tea tasting room. To facilitate this we brought in our white infinite backdrop. To hang the backdrop we used our backstands. These are two large lighting stands with a bar that fits across the top. From this you can hang whatever type of backdrop you require.

Our a-cam was the Sony FS-7. This was locked off on a wide shot, but because we were shooting in 4K, we had the option to slightly adjust or use that same angle but crop in. Our b-cam was the Sony FS700. This had a longer lens which we used for closeup head and shoulders of the subject. To achieve our top-down shot we used our small A7Sii camera which we rigged on a C stand and magic arm so that it could be mounted above the action and out of our main camera shot.

For filming the Tetley video we used an HDMI switcher which allowed us to feed the HDMI feeds from the cameras into the switcher and then output one to the monitor. Our director Adam was sitting with the client viewing the training in real time on the client  monitor.

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