Tarkett is a worldwide leader of innovative flooring and sports surface solutions

The Brief

The Tarkett training video was aimed at giving prospective floorers a glimpse at the things they would be covering in their training course.

Training Academy Video

Our approach to this was to film an expert floorer actually teaching someone and going through laying a floor with them, giving the viewer a taste of the kind of things they would get to do.

The filming style for this was important to show each step, and also showing the intricacies of each step so we made sure we had wide and close up shots to give good coverage of what was going on. Our camera of choice was the Sony FS7 as this could quickly go from locked of tripod shots to hand held in a matter of seconds due to its great ergonomics. The ambient light help provided general light levels but we enhanced it with LED panels as certain areas we less well exposed than others, we made sure however it did not feel contrived or staged so that the viewer felt they weren’t being sold false promises.

The final video has been used extensively on their website and on their youtube

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