Colu creates local currencies for smart economies using Blockchain technology.

The Brief

Colu were looking to launch their digital currency app across cities in the UK and further afield. We were charged with creating a film that would explain all the features of the product as well as being an up-tempo video to engage a young, hip and professional urban target audience.

Brand Video

Local Currency Explainer Video

We developed a concept which demonstrated how a single character interacts with their local community throughout the day using a local digital currency. This character was chosen to embody the target prospect for Colu.

Consequently we went with a mix of traditional filmmaking mixed with UGC style filming. To achieve this we mixed our filming formats. Our A cam was the Sony FS7 with Canon CN-E cine lenses. This was then mixed with a7s and iphone footage when the character is filming herself in ‘selfie mode’.

To use the iPhone as an effective filmmaking tool we also had some lenses which can adjust the iPhone’s focal length so that even though it was a phone, we still had creative options once we started editing the video. Filming was all handheld and we used lens flaring on certain shots to heighten the feeling of the film being immersive and relatable to the audience.

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