The Brief

Our client needed us to collaborate with them in order to produce several video assets to fit into a campaign they had already started with their client – the legal firm RPC.

Recruitment Film

The words fun, innovative and friendly may not be the first words that spring to mind when you think of working at a law firm. But RPC were interested in creating video to dispel the pre-conceived ideas one might have about lawyers, to attract forward thinking young people to join the firm. To do this they wanted to introduce some of their employees and let them talk freely about life at RPC.

We worked with Tonic Agency to come up with a filming style that would allow the personalities of the participants to stand out. A series of questions were put together that would spark humour and lift the curtain on life at PRC showing that it is a firm with a great culture where innovation, inclusivity and openness are highly valued.

We chose a relatively simple filming style to really draw attention to the personalities of the subjects and captured several hours of material.  It was the skill of our creative editor which brought the material to life, striking the right balance between humour and insight to create short and entertaining films that gives prospective candidates a behind the scenes glimpse of life at RPC. The content was re-purposed for use across a number of social channels including being formatted for use as Instagram stories.

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