Poq is a leading SaaS platform for mobile app commerce.

The Brief

We were approached by POQ to create a promotional video for an up-and-coming app. POQ was looking for a video that would highlight the features of their app platform for potential new retail customers. Additionally, they wanted the video to attract new employees to the company and attract stakeholders.


Brand Video

Promotional Video

We designed a story that would show how this app could impact someone’s life. The result was an adventurous, story-based piece that played on the viewer’s emotions.

The concept put the app at the heart of the story. It focuses on a dancer persevering to prepare for a dance competition while struggling financially. The app becomes the hero of the story by being the avenue in which the dancer receives assistance. We decided on dance as a main visual to make the video more captivating for the audience.

Along with the main plot, our underlying storyline showed the journey of a product (the red dress) to consumer, and how the product emotionally impacted the recipient’s life. We subtly included the retailer using an SAAS platform to add the photos to their POQ app. This aligns POQ with the needs of their consumer: speed and simplicity.

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