The Alan Turing Institute

Brand Impact Documentary

The Alan Turing Institute is the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. They asked us to create a film showing the impact they’ve had on the United Kingdom since their establishment in 2015. This brand documentary is the result of interviews we conducted with staff across the organisation.  The Turing is an expansive organisation covering multiple disciplines and spanning many projects. Distilling all this into a short snappy brand video was on the face of it, a complex task. However, over the last ten years we’ve become experts in making the complex simple, so we started our tried and tested process of diving into the research to gain insight.

Having spoken to people across the organisation we found that the Turing focusses on national priorities, leveraging relationships with partners to deliver impact at scale. Data science and AI technologies are constantly evolving so the video needed to feel fresh, modern and relevant. We wanted to find a style that wouldn’t feel outdated in a year’s time so we used a fast editing tempo.

Multiple voices from across the organisation were recorded which has a two-fold benefit. Firstly it helps to keep the viewer’s interest high. Each time a new person speaks it re-focusses attention and secondly it shows the diversity of backgrounds of the people working at the institute.

We were lucky enough to film in an underground farm in Clapham to show one of the projects that Turing researchers have worked on. This is an example of how their work has tangible real world benefits.

The client have been thrilled by the results, not least because there were several curve balls thrown our way through the production process. We understand that the nature of working with complex organisations is that change is inevitable so we remained agile and adaptable throughout the production and post-production process. Multiple stakeholders were involved in the sign-off process and our Producers managed the feedback in a way that made it organised and time efficient for the client and for our edit team.

We hope you enjoy the video.

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