Case Study

Sneaker 0 at the Design Museum

Snapchat asked us to make a documentary about their work on the Sneaker 0 exhibition at the design museum. This project falls into our sweet spot because at Bold Content we love to get creative within the documentary space. Here we added animation in both 2D and 3D to make a visually creative documentary film which acts as a case study for Snapchat’s augmented reality work with the Design Museum in London.  We organised a shoot at the museum to show people experiencing the exhibition and captured their reactions.  We added a voiceover that felt authentic for the target market. Mixing live action and animation in a documentary is a specialism of ours and we were proud to be able to bring our skills to bear in this creative film. The results are a short documentary, which doesn’t feel corporate, but delivers information in a youthful tone which authentically reflects the subject matter.

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