UK Dementia Research Institute

Brand Video

A creative brand documentary we made for the UK Dementia Research Institute to explain how far the organisation has progressed over a short period of time. The short documentary is imbued with hope for a cure and better understanding of dementia in all its forms.

The U.K. Dementia Research institute are a charity working to combat dementia. They rely on raising funds to keep their important work going. In order to maintain the funding they need to prove impact. They turned to Bold Content Video to help them do that. They knew that only a video would be able to convey both the facts and the emotive elements of the work that’s being carried out across the country. They selected Bold Content because of their expertise in brand storytelling and because of their experience with the subject of Alzheimers and Dementia.

This video is the result of several months of planning preparation, filming and editing to create a documentary that weaves both the professional and personal aspects of combatting dementia.

This brand video helped the charity to secure ongoing funding due to the impact it communicates.

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