Bold Content 7 Creepy (But Fascinating) David Lynch Television Commercials

David is best known for his surrealist films such as “Blue Velvet” and “Eraserhead” and his cult TV show “Twin Peaks”. What is less well known is that Lynch also directed commercials for everything from home pregnancy tests to Playstation 2.

From the beginning of his career as a commercial director, Lynch’s ads captured the spooky & mysterious aesthetic of films (check out the “We Care About New York” video!). The end result is some of the most unique commercials that are likely ever to appear on television.

Calvin Klein Obsession

In 1988 David Lynch directed a series of four videos for the Calvin Klein perfume “Obsession”. Each of these four videos was based on the works of a famous author. In the video below you can see Lynch’s F. Scott Fitzgerald video.

PlayStation 2

David Lynch’s commercial were part of the launch of the Playstation 2 game console in 2000. The concept of the “Third Place” depicted in the commercial was the reuslt of eighteen months of research by ad agency. It was only after this research that Lynch was selected to direct the videos.

Clear Blue Home Pregnancy Test

In perhaps the most puzzling directorial choice of Lynch’s commercial career, he chose to direct a video for a home pregnancy test. In the commercial Lynch captures the taunt psychology of a woman waiting for the result to appear.

Georgia Coffee

In 1991 David Lynch used – for the only time – the characters from his cult television show “Twin Peaks” for a television advertisement. Strangely enough Lynch chose a Japanese canned coffee company by the name of Georgia. In the ads a Japanese man is searching for his missing wife, with clues revealed to her whereabouts revealed in each of the videos. In the finale of the video Agent Cooper rescues the man’s wife from the Black Lodge.

Clean Up: We Care About New York

Rats are creepy at the best of time. But it takes Lynch to make the problem of rat infestations truly terrifying. In this public service announcement video attention is drawn to New York’s rat problems.

Georgio Armani

This commercial for Georgio Armani is in the classic Lynch style. The video features a mysterious woman, haunting music, and mysterious characters that teleport in and out of time. It is said that Georgio Armani gave Lynch the greatest amount of freedom of any of the commercials that he directed.

Parisienne People

This commercial is actually part of a series by famous directors for the Swiss Parisienne cigarette brand. Other directors that worked on the commercials included Enki Bilal, Emi Kusturica and Jean-Luc Godard.

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