Bold Content 10 Awesome Branded Instagram Videos

Short form video is going NUTS. And smart brands are catching the wave.

Despite being only four years old, Instagram already boasts over 200 million users. Marketing on Instagram is particularly relevant if your brand appeals to a younger audience. According to a recent survey from research firm Piper Jaffray, 23% of teens consider Instagram to be their favourite social media website.

To get you inspired about the possibilities, here are 10 of the best branded videos on Instagram.

#1 GoPro

GoPro athlete Marshall Miller soars through the Beehive line deep in the Vermillion Cliffs wilderness area.

#2 KFC

KFC shows why nothing – including a T-Rex – can beat the Double Down in this funny Instagram video.

#3 Blue Bottle Coffee

As the buyer for Blue Bottle Coffee’s green, not-yet-roasted coffee, Stephen Vick travels to every corner of the globe using Instragram to document his journey’s.

#4 Ford

An underwater view of the Bahamas from the point of view of a child. Ford cleverly ties this animated video in with Mother’s Day.

#5 Adidas

Adidas uses Instagram to introduce its new photo print app which allows its customers to print photos straight onto their sneakers.

#6 Playstation

Playstation ensures that its users get the most out of their console using Instagram. This video shows players how to join in multi-player games.

#7 Coca Cola

This video shows an innovative way to get an ice cube into your Coca Cola cup.

#8 Oreo

This roller coaster has its ups and downs, so buckle up cookie!

#9 BBC News

BBC News plays tribute to the amazing actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman in this poignant Instagram video.

#10 Mr Porter

Mr Porter uses this black and white interview video to answer that eternal question – BOXERS or BRIEFS

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