Bold Content The Pro’s And Con’s Of Live Action Vs. Animated Video

So you want to commission a video for your business.

Perhaps you have an upcoming project that you would like to increase awareness for or maybe you are launching a new product.

Whatever the reason for the video, one of the first questions you are likely to ask yourself is whether you should create a live action or an animated video.

To help you make that decision here are the major pros and cons of live action video vs. animated videos.

Pros Of Animated Video

Your Imagination Is Your Only Limitation

With animated video you have no boundaries on what you can show. Your imagination is the only boundary. Want your film to be set in outer space or have Michael Bay style explosions? With animated video this is all within reach. In order to achieve the same effect with live action video would require a significant increase in your budget.

Perfect For Introductory Or Explanatory Videos

Over the past three years there has been an explosion in the number of animated videos. This is largely due to the demand for introductory and explanatory video. An animation is great for expressing complex subjects in a relatively simple and easy to digest manner. For example, the Dropbox homepage features little more than an explainer video and a download link, and yet is highly effective.

Cons Of Animated Video

Can Be Viewed As Simplistic

Animation can be sometime be seen as simplistic. For certain styles of video – such as explainers – this can work perfectly. However depending on the subject matter there is the potential for animated videos to be seen as condescending.

Production Time Can Be Longer

In general animated video can take longer than a similar length live action video. This will depend on the type of animated video that you would like to create. With 2D animation, you can have a quality video in a couple of weeks. If you want full 3D animated video the process will be longer.

Pros Of Live Action Video

Show The Personality Of The Company

The one thing that animation can’t do is get over the personality of the company. If you want to show the personality of your company there is nothing better than have the leader of that company or someone who is client facing, talking directly on camera. It is a brilliant way of creating a relationship with a company before the customer even pick ups the phone.

Often More Suitable For Serious Messages

Live action video is usually the best choice for delivering a serious message. Live action video makes it easier to create the right tone and gravity that serious issues demand. If you are responding to a public relations issues,

Faster Turnaround Time

Live action video will generally have a faster turnaround time than for animated video. With live action you can have a very good looking video in a single day. To light the video and make it look and sound fantastic does not take very long. You can also capture hours of footage in a single day.

How To Make The Right Choice For Your Situation…

Every businesses situation is unique. That is why why the correct choice really comes down to the production team being able to advise the client on which to use. At Bold Content we have years of experience in both mediums and so can advise which will communicate best to a particular audience.

Whether you are looking for a live action video or animated video we are here to help.