Bold Content 5 Tips For Writing A Compelling Corporate Video Script

“There are no dull subjects, only dull writers”

– H. L. Mencken

Corporate Video Script

Video is an incredibly powerful way to connect with your audience and deliver your marketing message.

But, if a corporate video script is poorly written then much of these benefits will be lost. Luckily writing a compelling video script is a learnable skill.

Here are five of the most important elements for developing a corporate video script with impact.

Reward Your Viewer For Their Attention

Before you begin writing a word of your corporate script you need to carefully consider your intended audience.

The old way of writing a corporate script was to think foremost about the message the business wanted to express. Whether the audience wished to receive this message or not was given far less consideration.

This old style of interruption marketing no longer works where consumers have much greater control of the content that they consume.

Viewers can choose which videos that they want to watch on YouTube and for how long. If content doesn’t provide value, in the form of entertainment, education or inspiration, then they will quickly click away.

In fact it is estimated that one third of video watchers will click away in the first thirty seconds of watching a video.

In order to gain and keep the viewers attention it is essential that the viewer is rewarded for their time.

Don’t Try To Sell With The Script

Your audience has been exposed to marketing messages since the day that they were born. This has created a generation of sales saturated, media savvy consumers who aren’t going to sit through a sales pitch if it doesn’t offer any value to them.

Yes, the script should list the features and benefits of what you have to offer. But these can be detailed in a straightforward way which doesn’t insult the intelligence of your viewer.

It’s about giving the viewer the information that they need to make an informed purchasing decision.

Summarize The Content For The Viewer

In order to allow the viewer to decide whether they want to watch the video it can be useful to summarize the content within the first fifteen seconds.

This serves two purposes.

Firstly the viewer can decide whether they want to watch the rest of the content and don’t feel like they have had their time wasted. The other benefit is that even if the viewer clicks away after fifteen seconds your core message will still have been delivered.

Be Careful About The Language You Use

If you want your video to be effective then you need to use language which is going to be understandable and resonate with the audience.

One common mistake that businesses make is to use technical jargon that they use but isn’t clear to their target audience.

The language also needs to be appropriate to the audience. This means that if you are targeting the corporate video at a younger audience the language might be quite different than if you were focused on a more mature target market.

Capitalize On Videos Full Capabilities

They say that a picture tells a thousand words. This is something that no one who is writing a corporate video script should forget.

Sound and visual elements can be used to tell the story in often a much more effective way than with words. The amount of exposition in the script is often a sign of a poorly created video script.

As director and playwright David Mamet once noted:

“A good film script should be able to do completely without dialogue.”

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