Bold Content 72% Of B2B Marketers Use Video (And Other Fascinating Insights From B2B Video Marketing Report)

Video on a landing page can lift conversions by 80%.

That’s just one of insight gleamed from the recent Demand Metric B2B Video Marketing Benchmark and Best Practices Report

A common misconception is that video marketing is primarily for consumer facing companies. However, as the report reveals 70% of B2B Marketers are now using video. Perhaps more importantly 82% of the marketers surveyed considered their video marketing to be successful.

So why are brands choosing to use video in their marketing mix?

They cite the top 3 reasons as being:

• Increasing Brand Awareness
• Lead Generation And Nurturing
• Increasing Online Engagement

Of these three increasing brand awareness was deemed the most important objective. A full 52% of those surveyed said that this this as the primary reason that they engaged in video marketing.

The Most Popular Place To Distribute Content

Another very interesting set of findings from the report was the most popular place to distribute the video content. This was perhaps not surprisingly the company or brand website, with 81% using this channel.

Behind this was video sharing platforms, including YouTube or Vimeo, with 73% saying they used these sites. After this email and social networks were the most popular platforms. Surprisingly relatively few businesses were using Twitter or branded blogs, which may suggest a missed opportunity.

Video Optimization Tactics

24% of respondents in the study said that tagging videos with the search keywords was the most effective tactic for video marketing. This was followed by posting videos on the company blog which was rated the most effective by 20%. Tactics such as optimizing for video sharing sites was ranked relatively unimportant, with only 5% saying this was the most effective tactic. It appears B2B marketers may not be making the most of these channels. You can learn more about how to do YouTube SEO here.

Challenges Faced By B2B Marketers

While video is seen by most B2B marketers as an integral part of their overall strategy, the report found that there were some key challenges that marketers face.
The three biggest of these are:

• Insufficient budget for video production
• Not having the in-house resources
• Crafting compelling content

While budget is the top concern for B2B companies, this may be alleviated slightly by an increase of spending in this area. 63% of B2B organizations intended to increase their video marketing budget either slightly or significantly.

Lacking the in-house resources and crafting compelling content is something that we at Bold Content can help you with. We have a full production team capable of taking your video from concept through to the finished fully edited video.

We can also offer specific strategies for finding engaging and socially shareable content for your business – even if you operate in a so-called “boring” industry.

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