Bold Content 7 Ways To Market Your Event Video That Work

Video is a fantastic way to capture your conference, seminar or other event. But, once you have your event video ready you want to ensure that you maximize it’s impact. If you want your video to reach an external audience then you will need to market it. Here are seven effective ways to get more viewers for your next event video:

#1 Create A Press Release

Including a custom mix of video, images and multimedia in a press release expands the audience up to 970% (Source: PRNewswire)

Press releases can be a great way to gain more exposure for your video and potentially get it placed on media publications websites. Many press release sites now allow you to embed the video directly within the press release. Some of the best press release sites which offer embedding include:

#2 Use Video Sharing Platforms

Adding your video to a video sharing platform, like YouTube or Vimeo, should be considered an essential part of marketing your event video. YouTube has a massive internal audience as well as providing the opportunity to reach even more viewers through Google search. YouTube has arguably become an even more integral part of video marketing strategy thanks to recent changes to how rich snippets are displayed in Google. Google is now much more likely to display snippets for videos which are hosted on YouTube than on other video sharing platforms or websites.

#3 Share The Video On Your Social Media Properties

Share your video on any relevant site where you have a social media presence. This can include in Facebook Groups, Pinterest Boards, LinkedIn Company Pages or your Twitter stream. You may also want to use a social media management tool, like Hootsuite, so that you are able to share your event video across multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard.

#4 Use Your Keywords In The Title And Description

If there are specific keywords that you want to target for example “London Tech Conference” you want to be sure to include these in both the title and description. This is sometimes overlooked as often only the name of the event will be used. Including keywords will help the search engines to correctly categorize your video and thus make it easier for viewers to find.

#5 Embed Your Video Inside Of Your Blog

If you have a blog then you can embed it there. Create relevant content to the video such as a write up of the event or behind scenes information. Having text based content to expand on the video helps to create context and added information for your viewers.

#6 Correctly Tag Your Event Video

Another important component of marketing your event video is tagging it correctly. For example, for this event video of Beatbox from TEDx conference, relevant tags would be “TEDx”, “Beatbox” and “Beatboxing”.

#7 Use Twitter And Facebook Paid Advertising

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are perfect if you are trying to reach a specific demographic with your video. These sites have very detailed data about their users which allows you to really laser target your advertising campaigns. Twitter has recently introduced native video advertising. While this is still only available to a select group of beta users, there is also the ability to use paid advertising with a link to an external video on a site like YouTube.

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