Bold Content Behind the Scenes At The NASDAQ For The Macquaire MBA Shoot

For the first time in its history, prestigious Australian Business School Macquarie Graduate School of Management is taking their students on a global tour to learn from local stock market professionals.

Students from the Raising Capital in Global Markets course have visited Hong Kong, Washington DC, Sydney, and you guessed it LONDON. We were asked to film this units’ morning lecture at the NASDAQ OMX Stock Market, and are giving you sneak peak behind the scenes.

Filming the event was Bold Content crew consisting of Adam Neale (director & camera), Ben Hyett (camera) and Eva Moorman (photography).

IMG_0184.v.2The topic of the morning was insider dealing and market manipulation taught by Alasdair Amos from the financial conduct authority. The course took place in the beautiful NASDAQ OMX office situated in the Wool Gate Exchange in central London.

The crew set up before the first lecture of the unit started and used two Canon 60D cameras to film the event, they used another Canon 60D to take stills of the teacher and the students.

IMG_0173While the students had a little break it was time for the crew to film some cut-away shots in the lobby of NASDAQ OMX floor. When the lecture was concluded and all questions were answered the students took a break during which the crew was able to film stunning architecture of the Woolgate Exchange building.

IMG_0195Vox pops were next on the agenda. The crew interviewed the teacher Alasdair Amos from the financial conduct authority who spoke a little bit about teaching for the Macquarie Graduate School of Management; Raising Capital in Global Markets course.

It was great to teach the MGSM today and we spoke about insider dealing and market manipulation and discussed some example cases that we have taken in the past.” said Amos.

Also the students were very enthusiastic about this MGSM course and their visit to London “it was a really good follow on the classes we had in Hong Kong” said Alfred and “London is a really important stop in our global markets tour because it gives us an insight in the UK and European markets” said Kim.

With most of the vox pops done it was time for some acting on the students’ part, walking in and out of the meeting room several times to get the perfect shot.

IMG_0199Then it was time for a different background for the last interview with the head of the course, he gave a short introduction to unit “for the first time MGSM is taking a group of students around the to learn about equity markets and how they work. It’s a unit we teach called Raising capital and global equity markets”.

Last but not least, group photos with all the students of the course and the management; taken outside the NASDAQ OMX office. This brought an end to the morning for the students. It was time for them to have lunch and for the crew to pack up their equipment and go back to the office.



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