Bold Content Top 10 Reasons Why You Need An Event Video

Event Video MarketingAccording to a Forbes Insights study, 65% of the business executives surveyed said that they would visit a company’s website, after viewing a video. (source)

And that’s just one of the reasons that so many businesses choose to create an event video.

Need more convincing?

Here are ten more reasons why you should promote your business with an event video.

#1 Perfect For Delivering Key Messages

Event videos are usually bright, fast paced, colourful, and feature lots of people are smiling in front of the camera. This enables the video production company to create a really fast paced edit and present a lot of key messages. At the same time those messages can be presented in a really informal way, so that it doesn’t appear overly promotional.

#2 Let Your Customers Sell Your Event

During the event you can film interviews of your clients, vendors and other event attendees where they share their experiences. This is a great way to provide nonbiased, social proof to market your next event.

Bold Content Event Showreel from Bold Content on Vimeo.

#3 Maximize Your Events Entertainment

There is invariably an element of entertainment at most events which you can include as part of the video. This way you are not only educating your audience, but you also entertain them with the footage that you capture.

#4 Improve Your Company’s Brand Image

Through the video you’re giving out the impression that your company is a really great company to work. Potential employees and corporate partners will be shown your business in the best possible light.

#5 Leverage Other Brands

You can use your video as a branding exercise. Get lots of brand names in there, and not just your own. Show the world with which great brands you are working, put them in the video and then put that event video out on YouTube.

#6 Position Your Company In The Market

You can use it as a positioning exercise, the video can say that your company is young, fresh, cool and funky. An event video is a great way of saying “look at the type of events that we put on, aren’t they awesome”.

#8 Create Marketing Material For Future Events

You can use them to promote future events and illustrate why people should be going to them, you can send the event video out to your clients to say either,

“Look at the event that you came to, and wasn’t it brilliant. Here are the highlights, I hope you had a really good time.”

Or you can use it to send to clients who didn’t turn up to the event and say;

“Hi, look what you’ve missed it was awesome, but you are still getting the key messages out of it.”

#9 Highlight Your Company Sponsorship

You can highlight your companies’ sponsorship of a certain event through a video as well. The event video can sit on your YouTube channel, which really underlines the association between your brand and the event that you sponsored.

#10 Provide A Platform To Explain Your Vision

You can have a company representative talking about why they sponsor a certain event and highlight the importance of that event to you company. This can both be used for your internal and external communication. An event video is a fantastic platform to explain your company vision and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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