Bold Content Behind The Scenes Look At Making The Blue Hat Event Videos

This summer Bold Content created several event videos for Blue Hat Group, a leading UK team building company. In this interview with Adam Neale, Managing Director of Bold Content, you can find a behind the scenes look at how the Blue Hat Group event videos were made.

What was the main purpose of the Blue Hat videos?

Blue Hat commissioned a series of videos to communicate to potential clients what exactly takes place on some of their team building and activity days.  We were asked to capture the energy, fun, excitement and buzz that the days generate.

How were the Blue Hat videos shot?

We used either a single cameraperson who also captured sound for the interviews or two camera people. This allowed us to operate cost-effectively and by using our in-house filmmakers we could ensure consistency of quality across the videos.

They were all shot with DSLR cameras which give a lovely HD quality picture with good colours and a shallow depth of field (meaning that we can have the subject in focus and the background out of focus).

What events did you cover with the Blue Hat Group videos?

We covered a Guinness World Records day where teams from a corporate client competed to break various world records.  The winners received a genuine Guinness World Record’s certificate.

We also covered Beat the Clock which was huge fun to work on as it was a high-energy day with lots of competitors from a national charity all trying to out do each other in various skill games, knowledge games and memory tests.

Quest for Kudos was a fantasy adventure which allowed grownups to become young again. They fought dragons, had to make their way out of a labyrinth and dressed up in period costume but it all had a serious undertone as they were learning leadership and teamwork skills too.

Chequered flag and Flat out Chariot Challenge were a lot of fun. During the Chariot Challenge the teams had to make roman chariots out of cardboard. They then had to race against the other teams; this was brilliant since it gave us some great action shots for the video.

Behind the Scenes

Can you give a brief overview of the process of making the Blue Hat videos?

We start off by getting a full brief from the client about the type of activity that they want to highlight in the video. We then book it into our system and our production manager will liaise with the client to ensure that all deadlines are confirmed. Most of the time we find out what the final deadline is and work backwards from there.

Generally on these clients we do two sets of changes, so it’s all about factoring in enough time to make these changes. The shooting day is usually set in stone quite early and we usually try and edit it within two weeks of having shot the event.

Were there any challenges in producing the Blue Hat videos?

The main challenge came from the fact that we had so much material that we were spoiled for choice in the edit. The events were so much fun, really colourful, visual high-energy event to work on, and they all looked fantastic on camera.

We could have made much longer videos about each one, but because they are all show reel pieces they needed to be short and snappy. We really chose the most fun elements of each day and combined them with shots to tell the story of what happened from the minute the corporate client turned up, all the way through to the results at the end of the day.

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