Bold Content Yahoo Acquires Brightroll For $640 million

The American Internet Corporation Yahoo! has acquired BrightRoll. BrightRoll is a company specialized in online advertising space for commercial videos. They are the industry’s leading platform reaching audiences across the web, mobile and connected TV. The cost of the acquisition was $640 million and adds 400 new staff to Yahoo’s ranks.

Yahoo says in their blog: BrightRoll provides an effective solution to the increasingly fragmented online marketing sites and mobile apps. They aggregate high-quality publishers together into a unified network and utilize programmatic advertising to allow real-time buying on the largest set of online video advertising inventory available.

All of this is part of a bigger plan, according to current director and CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer: “Acquiring BrightRoll is one of their four strategic pillars: search, communications, digital magazines and video”.

BrightRoll’s founder Tod Sacerdoti tweeted: Exciting day in #adtech: @Yahoo to acquire @BrightRoll to accelerate growth of the video advertising ecosystem.

Linking to their blog post where they stated: “Publishers who work with the BrightRoll’s marketplace will benefit from Yahoo’s deep relationships with advertisers and agencies.  This deal will allow us to accelerate the growth of our marketplace bringing more dollars to publishers’ properties.”

Ever since Marissa heads up Yahoo they have acquired a range of young Internet businesses such as Aviate, RockMelt and MessageMe and the biggest so far: Tumblr (bought last year for 1.1 billion).

There are mixed feelings about Yahoo buying Tumblr, and it hasn’t paid off yet even though they promised; “not to screw it up”.

Yahoo has big plans for BrightRoll as well: “Acquiring BrightRoll will dramatically strengthen Yahoo’s video advertising platform, making it the largest in the US.” It is a growing and profitable business with net revenues expected to exceed the $100 million this year.

I cannot wait to have Tod Sacerdoti, his vision, and his team here at Yahoo” says Marissa Mayer.

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