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The vast majority of businesses are already engaged in some form of video marketing. According to a recent study 81% of companies now produce video content for their website. But deciding what type of video content to create and how it fits within an overall marketing strategy can be more challenging. Businesses need advice that they can trust will produce real results for their bottom line. To help you find that advice, here are our picks for the best video marketing websites for 2014.Video Marketing

Lou Bortone – Lou Bortone is known as the “Godfather of Video” (Although he prefers the moniker “Sweet Lou” Bartone). No matter how you refer to him Lou Bortone knows video. On his website he discuss not only about why you should be using video in your marketing, but provides clear steps to put it into action. Twitter – @louborton

James Wedmore – James Wedmore is an expert in teaching businesses how to acquire more customers using online video. Wedmore’s website features actionable video marketing advice told in his signature entertaining style. Wedmore is a giant in the video marketing industry with his YouTube channel receiving over more than 1 million views and an online training program which has work with more than 10,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs. Twitter – @jameswedmore

Gideon Shalwick – Hailing from the land down under Gideon Shalwick is a master of video marketing. On his blog he shares advice on creating branded videos, increasing your viewership, making more sales with your video, and much more. Twitter – @GideonShalwick

Reel SEO – Reel SEO is a one stop shop for the latest in video marketing strategy and SEO tactics. This site features in-depth guides to power up your video marketing efforts. Reel SEO is also a great place to catch up on the latest trends and events in the video marketing industry. Make sure to check out the Reel SEO YouTube channel for bite-sized video marketing tips presented by the always entertaining Tim Schmoyer. Twitter – @reelseo

Maria Andros – Maria Andros is a thought leader in personality branding and online video marketing. On her website Maria shares advice on how entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, and others can use video to build their brand online. Twitter – @mariaandros

Dan Rayburn – Dan Rayburn’s blog is one of the best places to keep up to date with events in the video industry that matter. Dan Rayburn is EVP at and Pinciple Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. His blog makes for very interesting reading for anyone interesting in video marketing. Twitter – @DanRayburn

Christian Payne – On his website Documentally Christian Payne shares his thoughts on video and specific advice about how to improve your video productions. Video buffs will also enjoy Paynes advice and reviews of the video equipment he uses. Twitter – @Documentally

DigitPro– On DigitPro Tony Zohari provides insight into the latest trends in the video marketing industry. Digit Pro features highlights of some of the best commercials and video marketing campaigns currently being released. Also included is specific tactical advice on improving your video marketing performance. Twitter – @tzohari

Video Brewery – Video Brewery are a production agency which specializes in animated videos. But there website is also a repository of some of the best video marketing advice on the internet. Here you can learn everything from where to source the best stock video to finding fantastic music for your web video. Twitter – @videobrewery

Steve Garfield – Steve Garfield has been referred to as “hilariously awesome” by no less a personage than Jimmy Fallon. On his website Garfield provides his own humorous insight into the video marketing industry. His website also features a selection of some the most entertaining and innovative video being released online. A video blogging pioneer Garfield is also the author of the book “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.” Twitter – @stevegarfield

Chris Savage – Chris Savage is the CEO and founder of the video hosting service Wistia. On his personal blog SavageThoughts he shares his provides an inside look into what it takes to run a video marketing start-up. Interesting and insightful content from an industry insider. Twitter – @wistia

Socialable Video – Sociable Video is the home of Wayne Ford, a digital producer and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles. His Socialable Video Blog is packed with useful video marketing advice for marketers, small business owners and startups. When he isn’t providing useful advice on his website Ford works as a producer for a leading Los Angeles agency. Twitter – @VideoIsKey

Unruly Media – Unruly Marketing provides a global platform which provides an end to end solution social video sharing. Unruly Marketing also has one of the most interesting video marketing blogs in the industry. On their blog you can findeverything from branded vines to the benefits of “sadvertising”. Twitter @unrulyco

Kelly Gerards – If you want real-life marketing advice that will help you grow your bottom line, then check out Kelly Gerards website. He was converted to the power of using social media and video to increase business after tiring of cold calling and knocking on doors. The advice that Kelly shares on his site is backed up with his own case studies (which make for very interesting viewing). Twitter – @BlancaPeakMedia

Tim Washer In addition to being one of the most interesting voices in the video marketing industry Tim Washer is also a stand-up comedian who studied under Amy Poehler and wrote for Saturday Night Live. If you want to learn more about to tell a story effectively using video then Tim Washer is the man to follow. Twitter @timwasher

Steve Brossman Steve Brossman has over 20 years of experience working in TV and video, so you can be confident that when it comes to video marketing he knows what he is talking about. Along with his wife Pam he teaches businesses how to market themselves effectively using video. Twitter – @SteveBrossman

Tim Danyo If you are a business owner looking to learn how to brand and market yourself online using video then you will want to follow Tim Danyo. In his words in order for a company “to become influential in their industry they need to produce amazing content that captivates and empowers their clients and those in their industry.” Twitter @TimDanyo

Adverblog Adverblog’s motto is “post the best and forget the rest” and it shows. Since 2003 Adverblog has been providing expert insight into the advertising industry. Adverblog is home to a collection of digital marketing experts with plenty of advice on how to use video effectively. Twitter – @adverblog

Viral Blog Viral blog is the place to learn about the disruptive power of viral marketing – with a particular emphasis on video. Viral blog has it’s own in house team of viral marketing experts, along with a selection of guest blogging experts. Twitter – @viralblog

Kevin Nalty Kevin “Nalts” Nalty is one of the most popular marketers on YouTube with his more than 250 million views of his videos. He is also the author of “Beyond Viral” and his a the founder of Nalts Consulting. When it comes to video marketing Nalts knows his stuff and so anyone wanting to market with video would be advised to pay attention. Twitter – @nalts

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