Bold Content 3 Web Videos Every Business Should Have

81% of companies are producing video content for their website. But what kind of web video content should businesses be producing?

To answer that question here are three web videos every business should have.

A Promotional Video

A promotional video is used to present your new product or service, show what it can do and why it’s a great tool to have. Apple has set the standard for cool corporate videos with their latest offering. This video shows the transformational impact that their technology is having to its customers. Take a look at this beautifully shot and inspiring corporate video.


Promotional videos represents your brand, your new product or service. For example Red Bulls Kluge: The Athlete Machine, shows exactly what Red Bull stands for, who they support and what their goal is. The video is almost 6 minutes, which is very long for a promotional video. However, the crazy stunts keep you watching all the way through. Which is exactly what a promotional video should achieve. It doesn’t interrupt people’s lives; instead it interests and amazes them.

Company history videos

Why would you need a corporate history video? Use it to tell the original and unique story of your company. Show potential customers, employees and investors what your company has achieved and what your values are, your mission and company vision.

This video uses a great actor carrying the story. The video stays interesting because of him, and because no standard talking heads are used: the camera is always moving. The props along the way help the viewer to get a better idea of what he is talking about, and keep the story interesting. Then there is the music; they start with a Scottish pipe bag player, who sets the scene nicely. The music throughout the rest of the video bui9lds tension. Sound effects are added to support the props that appear in the video. When the gravestone is past, you can hear church bells. All together a very nicely done corporate history video.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are, as the name suggests, explain you product of service. You want potential customers to know exactly what your product or service does, and they don’t want to read about it. They want a 1 to 2 minute video telling them everything they need to know.

So why should you have one? Recently a study found that people who have seen an explainer video of a product first are 85% more likely to buy it. It will drive traffic to your website and improves your websites’ SEO. Your website is 50x more likely to be ranked on the first page of Google when it has a video.

So what makes a good explainer video great?

Take a look at the explainer video of ‘Dollar Shave Club”. There is a good chance you have already seen it because it was massively popular in 2012, and popped up all over social media.

Several things make this video great; first of all, it is funny. Dollar Shave Club knows their audience well, very well. They target 20 to 30 year old men who are highly likely to be interested in ordering razors online. The video is well structured; in less than 10 seconds their service is explained (for 1$ a month they home deliver high quality razors). They continue to introduce the problem (most blades are too expensive, have features you don’t need, and you might forget to buy new ones). The video ends by repeating their solution (cheap razors delivered to you monthly).

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