Bold Content Online Video Views Up 22% Reveals Report

Demand for online video is booming. Online views increased 22% Year over Year (YOY) in the third quarter of 2014, according to the latest findings from the Adobe Q3 Video Benchmark Report. Here we will look at some of the key findings from the study and what impact it will have on your content marketing strategy for the year ahead.

More Than 38 Billion Video Starts

The 22% YOY growth meant that there were more than 38 billion video starts for the third quarter of 2014. That’s the equivalent of 5.3 video starts for every single person on the globe. Online video is becoming many people’s preferred way of consuming TV, film and other video content.

Mobile Is More Important Than Ever Before

Last year we pointed out the growth of video viewing on mobile devices. This trend has continued with a 29% increase in online video views. Year over year this was the equivalent of a 45% increase. Approximately one third of all video starts now occur on mobile.

Kindle And Samsung Big Winners In Online Video

Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy proved to be more popular for online video viewing than competing devices. Video viewing on Samsung Galaxy devices were 100% higher than those for the average smart phone. Kindle Fire dominated tablet viewing where viewing rates were 70% higher than those for average tablet.

Viewers Watch Over 2 Ads For Every Video

On average for every video viewed 2.2 ads were displayed in the Q3 2014. This was a 16% increase YOY. Ads which were displayed through are browser were viewed 24% more often than those on videos viewed through an app. Viewers are becoming more comfortable watching video ads, but these ads still need to provide more value and interest for viewers.

With online video going from strength to strength now is a great time to be looking at your own businesses video marketing strategy. There is plenty of opportunity for companies who wish to develop their own content to build an audience and attract customers.

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