Bold Content Sofia Coppola’s Commercials – 6 Stunning Ads By Director Sofia Coppola

Sofia Coppola’s work spans film directing, screenwriting, acting and producing. Less well known is her work in advertising. Coppola has worked for a range of brands including Gap, Marc Jacobs and H&M, looking to inject some of Coppola’s visually stunning, sensual style to their products.

Like her ex-husband Spike Jonze who also combines feature films with advertising work, Coppola has applied many of her signature filmmaking techniques to her commercials. This includes plenty of pastel colours, hip soundtracks and languid camera movements.

Miss Dior – La Vie En Rose Perfume – 2013

This perfume ad is set to upbeat French music with a chic and cheery feel throughout. The ad features the actress Natalie Portman in various scenes with a pink rose, in one scene she is laying in the open field. In another she is dancing with what appears to be her husband after which she falls into a bed of mixed colored roses in her wedding dress with a happy content smile on her face.

Gap – Mistletoe; Dress Normal – 2014

This ad is set at a Christmas party with two women having a conversation to the “I’m Not ready for Love Soundtrack” setting the mood of the ad. They are joined by a young man who appears to just be listening in. The man looks up and so does one of the women to see hanging mistletoe there. He smiles nervously and looks down at his glass while others in the room realize what is happening. He hangs his head and walks away when he sees that it just isn’t happening. The ad emphasizes that you can still gift Gap even to those friends you just don’t understand.

Gap – Crooner; Dress Normal – 2014

This ad features a young boy lip syncing Johnnie Ray’s “Cry” to his family members at a Christmas gathering. It illustrates that he stands out from the crowd with his eccentric taste in music and the ad emphasizes that you can always gift Gap to the quirkiest family members or friends. It’s more about story telling than your traditional plot. Even if you don’t get them they can appreciate gifts from Gap.
Gap – Pinball; Dress Normal – 2014

Set in a restaurant this ad features a young woman playing pinball with “Deep Down” by Hazel and the Jolly Boys plays in the background. She is partly surrounded by what seems to be the workers from the restaurant and from the looks of things she is winning at that pinball machine. She uses her body to her advantage in winning the game and looks over at her lover sitting over in a booth who smiles and covers his face. The ad ends with the point coming across that you can’t go wrong with a gift from Gap for the holidays.
H&M – Marni Collection – 2012

This ad is set in Morocco with the main character switching between scenes of hanging out, a road trip and scenes and sights along the drive. The ad features dimly lit scenes, beautiful people and a quintessential feeling as can be expected from Coppola. The main character changes her attire and attends a night event where she sees an attractive well-dressed gentleman. They later kiss in the pool. At the end of the ad the actor wakes up to find it was all a dream. The ad features different pieces from the Marni collection including clothing and bold statement jewelry pieces.

Marc Jacobs – Daisy Perfume – 2013

The ad is set with funky background music, consisting images of daisy picking and girls lounging and frolicking in fields of daisies. The ladies are dressed in off white summer, flowing dresses as they frolic and ride bicycles, hang in hammocks before heading to a stream where they read a book and lounge along the side of the water. The ad ends with the ladies running off in the field and the image of the Marc Jacobs daisy perfume comes onto the screen. The ad perfectly describes the type of fragrance that this would be giving viewers an idea of what to expect.