Bold Content YouTube’s New Multi-Angle Video Tool

In order to make their platform even more attractive to artists and creatives, YouTube has released a new feature, which allows viewers to toggle between multiple camera angles. Whether YouTube users are watching concerts, sports games or other live performances, the new multi-angle video tool promises to deliver a more immersive and personalized experience.

Different angles from the same performance

With the new multi-angle video tool of YouTube it is possible to watch a video from different perspectives and to switch the camera view by using the “Choose your view” tab. YouTube enables artists to upload multiple camera feeds and audio tracks which are then stitched together automatically by the video platform. The multiple views of a video appear alongside the main video as thumbnails and users can choose their favourite camera angle by clicking on the cameras or using keyboard shortcuts.

Choosing the preferred view

The main target of YouTube’s new tool was to give artists the chance of publishing more interactive videos and to connect with their target audience. This means that fans have a 360 degree view of what is going on and can thus, choose if they want to be front and center, behind the scenes or wherever their favourite place is. It is up to the viewers how they personally want to experience the online video.

Switching camera views

Benefits for video advertisers

Fans and artists alike will benefit from the new tool. The tool will hopefully deliver a more immersive experience allowing fans to enjoy the live performances like never before. This should in turn increase view time and engagement leading to increased ad revenue for artists – and YouTube. 

Accessing the multi-angle video tool

A test video from the YouTube Music Night Live performance of the musician Madilyn Bailey has been released. Currently users can switch between four different camera angles. This can be seen by visiting Madilyn Bailey’s YouTube channel and then selecting the “Choose Your View” tab.

Choose Your View






Registering For Choose Your View

The tool is currently only open to selected U.S. users. In order to partake in the trial of this tool you need to complete an online form. Given that the tool is still being trailed, access to the tool will likely be extremely limited.

You can register your interest here:

Choose Your View Sign Up Form

Implementation of the new multi-angle video tool

It is not known yet how long the test phase is going to last and when the multi-angle tool will be rolled out to the general public. In the past others tried to invent a similar viewing experience, including Marc Cuban, Switchcam or Streamweaver, but with disappointing results. However given YouTubes deep pockets and large user base, they have a good chance of succeeding where others have failed.

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