Bold Content How To Combine Animation And Live Action To Create Stunning Event Videos

Want an event video that looks spectacular and sets you apart from your competition? Then combining live action with animation can be a great approach.  Here we will look at the ways that animation can be added in post-production to create a unique, highly compelling event video.

What is post-production?

Post-production occurs after a filming ends. In some cases, post-production of an event video may be as simple as the selection and arrangement of the footage into the correct sequence. However, there is much more that can take place during post-production to improve the quality of your event video:

* Picture editing
* Color correction
* Adding visual effects
* Sound mixing
* Music composition
* Integrating animation

Integrating Animation During Post-Production

One way to make your event video more compelling is to use animation on top of the live action footage that you have captured at the event. In post-production you can create a beautiful, fast-paced, colorful, bright event video, but to make it even more visual stimulating, you can add animation into the mix.

Combining 3D Animation With Live Action

Another effective approach we have been using at Bold Content is mixing 3D graphics with live action video. You can create some fantastic interactions between people and objects by using 3D graphics in conjunction with the live action participants of the event video.
Most people have seen the BBC News intro where they use examples of data being streamed round the world with small white lines connecting dots to represent the data that has being beamed around the world. That’s a fantastic technique that can also be employed in the event videos.

Adding Impact With Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are also something that can be used in event videos. Within an event video you can break up the action by having motion graphic words appear on screen. You can use motion graphics to include sales information or key information about the event.

Live action and 3D animation

If the motion graphics tie in with the look and feel of the event then there won’t be a disconnect between the two styles within the video and it will appear as an integrated seamless technique. Consequently, the viewers will really enjoy watching the events unfold and reading the piece of information that appears on screen in the form of motion graphics.

Animation enables you to visualize concepts which would be difficult, or even impossible, to present on screen using live action. When it comes to using animation really the only limit on what can be achieved is your imagination. If you would like to learn more about the possibilities of integrating animation with live action for your event video, then we would love to talk with you.


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