Bold Content How To Make A Unique Event Video That Looks Fantastic

300 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every single minute. This gives an indication of the size of the audience for video content, but also the level of competition that exists. Creating a video for your event is a fantastic promotional tool, but how can you make sure that your video stands out in a crowded marketplace? To find out we talked to Bold Content Video MD Adam Neale and asked how event planners can create an event video which goes beyond the ordinary and really gets attention.

How do you make someone giving a speech compelling as video content if the content is dry?

One way that you can enhance the presentation of somebody giving a speech is to use text on screen. That text could be large text covering the whole screen for example with a solid colored background which may completely cover the presenter’s face and you can just have keywords flash up on screen as the presenter is talking. This is the advantage of making a very fast-paced video. If the words are constantly changing then the viewer has to keep up with the video and that keeps it very very interesting. Sometimes it can be more engaging than just having a shot of a person, as a lecturer and delivering a speech to an audience. Another approach is to use animation on screen to create visual word presentations of all the persons talking about. It can be used to underline again key words from a speech or key concepts from the speech. The animation can also be very creative – it doesn’t have to be a literal representation of what the speaker is discussing. The animation could instead be a metaphorical one. Using this approach you can get the user to engage with their brain and not just hear the information that the person is delivering but also to work out what the visual metaphors are. This can definitely aid in the retention of the information as the viewer is really concentrating on what the person is saying rather than letting the information wash over them.

How can you use sound to improve the impact of the event video?

One way that you can use audio within your event video to grab the viewer is to start with the bang. You can choose a really good upbeat track that starts off in a loud or fast-paced manner. You can set the tone of the video from that point onwards by really grabbing the user and let them know that this is a video they have to watch. A great sound track can capture an audience from the very word go. You can also use sound in the context of having a great sound mix, which will mix between the music track you have on the video and the dialogue that is within the video. The mix can be used to emphasize certain sound bites so you may have a very loud period of music and then you follow it with a very impactful vox pop and then back to loud music, before coming into a series of vox pops and maybe those series of vox pops ends on a piece of key information just before the music kicks back in. When the music is back in and you see more cutaways just with music then it gives the viewer’s brain time to adjust the information they have just learned before you hit them again with more facts, figures and information or vox pops. Event Video Production

What general advice would you give an event planner looking to create a unique event video?

Event planners looking to make something really distinct should find a video production company they trust and really let them loose. Ask them what they have always wanted to try. You will find that if you give a very wide brief to a video production company, but give them some specific marketing goals, let them know the target market and how you want to communicate to that audience, but then really ask for their input and advice on the types of techniques that will work to grab people’s attention, then that’s a recipe for success. People working in video production are generally very creative and loved to be consulted about the sort of techniques that they would like to use, that they would like to see, that they think would work well to connect with the audience. And if there’s something that they have always wanted to try, then let them be innovative and creative, and you will achieve the impact that you want for your video.

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