Bold Content 3 Benefits of Using Video for Employee Training

Inadequate employee training may be costing your business more than you realize. According to one study 40% of employees who receive poor job training left their position, within the first year.
Job training can not only improve the quality and productivity of your employees, it is also a fantastic way to attract and retain top talent. 76% of employees said that on the job training was important to them.

Historically one of the key challenges of providing employee training has been cost. This includes the direct cost of providing the training, in addition to lost worker hours as the employees undergo training. There are also concerns about whether the training will produce a positive return on investment (ROI). As you will see below video offers a flexible, cost effective and importantly a measureable way to deliver training.

#1 Learning Where and How You Want

People want the flexibility to learn when, where and how they want. With video employees can select the time that they want to consume the course material and the pace at which they will study it. They ability for video to be delivered over the web, means that this content can be consumed by employees at work, home or on their daily commute. People are also increasingly consuming content on their mobile devices. Again this is another area where video can be incredibly useful.

#2 Reducing Costs

Employer training can be an expensive person. In person training can remove key employees from the workplace for a number of days. Add in the costs of transportation and accommodation and the training session may no longer be economically viable. Video based employee training in contrast can be offered to an unlimited number of employees at no additional cost providing economies of scale. Video training can also be delivered at any location removing travel and accommodation costs. Finally, because video training can be consumed at any time it can be integrated around employees work schedule.

#3 Using Interactive Video

One of the misconceptions about video is that is an entirely passive form of learning. In fact, the rapid development of interactive video can produce a level of engagement which is similar to that of in-person teaching. With interactive video quizzes and assessments can be added to the video. This not only ensures that employers are engaging with the content but it also provides feedback to the company about the progress that is being made. This helps to identify areas where further study or revisions may be required.

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