Bold Content 3 Reasons Why Training Videos Are The Most Cost Effective Option

Why use a video production company to make a training video for my company when I could hire an in-person trainer?

For some one weighing up the benefits of producing a training video vs. hiring an in-person trainer this is a commonly asked question. But, as you will see below creating a video is typically the less expensive and more versatile option.

To explain, here are 3 reasons why a training video is actually the most cost effective choice.

Conference Room Training Video Production

#1 Training videos are highly versatile

Videos are an extremely flexible medium in terms of usage. The videos can be reused over and over again for each new hire and to refresh existing employees memories, all without adding any additional costs. In contrast, each time you bring an in-person trainer in you are occurring an added expense. While the one off cost of producing a video may be slightly higher over the medium to long term training videos are invariably the less expensive choice.

#2 Training videos can be highly engaging

Training videos are much more engaging than just listening to a person speak, because it brings together audio and visuals in an interesting way. If the employees are more engaged with a training video they are going to internalize more of the message than if they were bored. Using interactive training video technology you can quickly assess your employees progress to identify areas for improvement. If your training videos have a direct impact on your bottom line, whether through reduced costs or higher revenue, then you want to choose the option which is going to have the greatest impact.

#3 Training videos can be accessed almost anywhereTraining Video Employee With Laptop

Thanks to the ability to delivery video over the internet, training videos can now be accessed from virtually anywhere. The video could be placed on a website specifically for employees, or emailed out to everyone at specific times as reminder. The training video could even be sent out to prospective employees, to show what the company expects of them. The video could be translated into different languages, or have subtitles, to be used for international employees. Training videos can be consumed when and where it is convenient for employees. This avoids your staff having to absent themselves from work and eliminates the need for travel and accommodation costs.

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