Bold Content 5 British YouTubers You Should Be Watching

YouTube has become the social media site for millennials to make a name for themselves. Older internet users may have missed the news but there are already numerous YouTubers, like Zoella or Caspar Lee, who are extremely famous. But, beyond these big names there are also a large number of lesser known people making really great videos.

Here are 5 British YouTubers you should check out the next time you are looking for an interesting YouTube video to watch.

1. Mynameschai

Mynameschai, or Charlie, is a 21 year old who lives in London. He is a gamer with a super popular channel about the video games he plays. He also makes videos with other YouTube stars. He has a schedule, where he makes a video every Saturday. One of the most popular videos is where he eats American Candy and then discusses it. That one video got over 1 million views! He is funny and personable, and is definitely an up and coming YouTube star. He has done collaborations with other smaller YouTube personalities and he is only going to become more well known as he continues to make videos. 

2. Will Darbyshire

Will Darbyshire is a 22 year old living in London. He has over 400,000 followers, probably because all of his videos are beautifully done. They look and feel incredible professional, which definitely adds to his appeal. He makes travelling videos, snapshots of the cities that he has been to. He also makes videos about specific topics, for example, fate, death and memories. The videos are ones that make you think more than it is just a mindless, funny prank video. Will uses great visuals to help his ideas really stick in people’s minds.

3. Ghostparties

Ghostparties, or Kate, is a 22 year old with over 70,000 subscribers. She makes beauty and makeup videos, and blogs, but she also makes videos about interior design, which is something that I have not seen a lot on YouTube. She is a great person to subscribe to if you like interior design. She is also very personable on camera which is great because it makes watching videos much more enjoyable if the person is comfortable in front of the camera.

4. Steve Booker

Steve Booker is a Fashion and Lifestyle YouTuber. He makes videos about all of the places he has travelled to. He also discusses lots of different hotspots and styling tips, as well as good coffee places around the globe. His YouTube channel is great for people who love to travel the world, and find out about fun spots to visit in different cities. He also makes the typical funny YouTube videos as well, for people who like those types of videos better.

5. Carly Rowena

Carly Rowena has a fitness blog where she discusses ways to work out, makes food diaries about her healthy diet, as well as some fashion videos. She is a personal trainer, so her workout videos are extremely helpful. The food diaries are also so great because her dishes are extremely easy to make and super healthy, and gives people lots of ideas about what they could make for healthy meals.

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