Bold Content 3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Event Photographer

3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Event Photographer

Hosting an event requires a lot of planning and preparation in order to ensure everything goes smoothly. After what is frequently herculean efforts to gaurantee a brilliant event, it would be a shame to not have the event photographed. After all event can be used in press releases, presentations and other media coverage. An event photographer is someone can capture the most exciting and visually moments at your event. But choosing the perfect photographer is not such an easy task. To make it a little easier have created a three step guide to choosing the best match for you and your event.

1. Equipment

This not only means what kit the photographer owns (different cameras/lenses are used for different types of event) but also what they will be bringing with them, and how much there will be. It is important for the photographer to know their stuff inside out. Ask them what cameras they have, paired with which lenses and what this means for photos. They should have answers straight away, explaining to you why what they have is ideal for the event which you are hosting. Ask them if they will have a lot of equipment with them and think about this when deciding where to place them at your event, will they need access to a backroom where the rest of their kit is being held? Overall the most important thing is that they will bring the equipment with them to take the most captivating and interesting photos of your event.

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2. Previous work

It goes without saying to do some research into the photographer which you will be hiring, you need to see if they’re any good or not. Something which does need to be said however is to look at the style in which they photograph, photographs leave behind a distinct fingerprint of the person who took them. Look at what they prioritise in a photo, rather than just if they can take a good photo. This is important as this is what people will be seeing in the final photographs of your event.

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3. Expectations

Manage your own expectations and then communicate them to your photographer. If this isn’t done then you cannot expect the photographer to know what you want them to do. Tell the photographer what and who you want photographed. This is important as this way you will be presented with gorgeous photographs of your event, which you will be proud to share in press releases.


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