Bold Content 3 Tips for Capturing Vox Pops at Conference Videos

3 Tips for Capturing Vox Pops at Conference Videos

Want to convey a real feeling of what of it’s like to experience your conferenc? Then you should plan to capture vox pops as part of your conference video. Vox pops are short interviews capturing attendees opinions and are a perfect addition to any event or promotional video.

1. Choosing the right location for your vox pops

It is important to evaluate where you will be filming attendees at the conference.Where possible work with the conference organisers to ensure your location choice fits their criteria (they may want to add branding etc). There may be an area set up specifically for your interviews but it is likely that you will have to scout a location by yourself. When making your own location choice it is important to consider factors such as lighting and background noise. These are things which may not seem such a problem when filming, but may become a problem in the post-production if they haven’t been anticipated. People shown in the background of your Vox Pops could also cause a problem if they become distracting and noisy, as audiences will not be focused on the interviewee. This can be avoided by filming in areas which are hard for the public to access, of from moving aside from busy areas, avoiding other people.

vox pops location

2. Questions and answers for your vox pops

Ensuring that you get a good Vox Pop is easy with a good set of questions. The most important thing to do is limit yourself to a set of 3-4 open ended questions, this way you will get longer answers to shorter questions and the interviewee won’t lose interest. For this it is important to know what the client is looking for from these answers, for example if the Vox Pop is being used to create a promotional video for the next event then it would make sense to ask people if they have been before and why they keep coming back. Alternatively if the Vox Pops are used just to showcase the event then it may be valuable to ask questions about what their favourite moments have been, or what has surprised them about the event. It’s important for the client and the video production team to discuss what they expect to say so that they can

Vox pops interviews

3. Know your crowd

You may have been instructed to capture certain people at the conference, or certain types of people. It is important to know exactly who these people are as you do not want to spend time filming people that you do not have to. If you have not been told to target specific people then the best bet is to go with people that look as if they are enjoying the conference, and would not mind being disturbed to answer a few questions on camera. This is something that has to be handled carefully ensuring that you do not interrupt or disturb people mid conversation or when they are rushing somewhere. They will not be happy if you do. Overall the attendees are likely to be responsive to your questions and friendly towards you. Determining who will give good answers on video will ensure that you capture brilliant Vox Pops.

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