Bold Content Admedo Employee Video Case Study

The Brief

Admedo are a programmatic advertising company who were re-designing their website and gave us the brief of creating an informal series of videos in a relaxed environment. They wanted to show their audience they were real people with a passion for what they do.

Our Concept

We proposed the idea of filming the videos in a coffee shop as we wanted to avoid the standard white background studio look that has become commonplace for corporate talking heads. The coffee-shop approach felt far more authentic than a floating head in a bright white environment; more like a friendly client meeting over an Americano.


After several location scouts and lots of phoning around we found a lovely little café run by a very friendly owner who allowed us to transform a portion of his café into a film set for the whole day.
Admedo Video Interview Of Woman
This approach had several advantages:
By working in an environment that is very familiar to Londoners, it celebrates the brand’s Farringdon base. It aligns their brand with the artisanal, bespoke vernacular of the coffee shop.
The interviewees felt that they could deliver
 their dialogue in a more natural, laid-back manner than in a studio.
In an unnatural environment like a studio interviewees often have the tendency to talk down to their audience and to lecture them rather than talking in a natural conversational tone, which is what we were aiming for.


We encouraged the interviewees to dress as they would on a normal day in the office and to speak in plain English rather than the jargon-laden vocabulary often used to describe programmatic advertising.

We offered the use of an autocue to those interviewees who had lots of technical details to recall but encouraged them to adlib as much as possible in order to get the feeling that they were talking normally, as if you had just met them for a chat over a coffee.

Rather than being intrusive, the background hubbub of a coffee shop added a nice, natural soundscape to the video.

We filmed some shots of the coffee making process and used them to create a short introductory montage in order to set the scene.

We finished the video by integrating some subtle on-screen animation using icons, colours and design elements from their new web site.

The Result

The client was delighted that we were able to meet a tight deadline whilst producing high quality results that not only have great sales potential, but align perfectly with their new brand positioning.

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