Bold Content 5 Things To Consider When Creating A Sales Video

In a survey of over 600 marketing professionals 93% stated that they used video for marketing and sales. Sales videos enable businesses to produce a commensurate experience to in-person sales while benefiting from the scale of the internet. If you are considering adding a sales video to your website here are five things that you need to consider.

#1 Make Your Sales Video Authentic

Authenticity is key when creating a sales video. People purchase from businesses that they know, like and trust. Video is a great way of building that that trust by showing the human face behind your business. One way to increase authenticity is to take the video out of the standard context and present it in a different location. For an architecture firm that might be presenting the video on a building site, for a baked good company the video might feature inside of a busy bakery. We used this technique recently by presenting a programmatic advertising company’s key personal inside of a busy cafe where they could talk in down to earth way as they would a colleague or business partner sitting across the table.

#2 Entertain Your Audience

People are no longer forced to watch any video. The power to consume video content is in the viewers hands. So if you want them to watch you entire video then you need to consider how to entertain them. The success of the very funny Dollar Shave Club video shows that you can create a video that is both funny and explains the products unique selling proposition. (USP).

#3 Convey Your Key Sales Message Without Audio

Mobile is impacting the way that video is being consumed. People are increasingly consuming video in environments where they don’t have the sound on. While audio is still integral, you need to consider that part of your audience which won’t hear it. On-screen text which highlights the key sales message in the video is a way of overcoming this problem and enable you to maximize your audience reach.London Sales Video

#4 Make Your Sales Video Succinct

Peoples attention on the internet is scarce. If you want to maximize the number of people who will be exposed to your sales message then you need to get to the point quickly. Studies have suggested that 50% more people will watch a 1 minute video to the end compared to a 2 minute video. Place the most important benefits of your product near to the start. This will help guarantee that these are conveyed to the maximum possible audience.

#5 Compel The Viewer To Take Action

Finally, you need to consider what action that you want the viewer to take and integrate this into the video. A clear “Call To Action” (CTA) should state what the viewer needs to do after watching the video. That could be completing a contact form, picking up the phone or hitting the buy button. This will be effected by where your video is placed. Is the video going to sit on a video sharing platform like YouTube or your website? You want to be certain that your call to action will make sense within the context of where the video is placed.

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