Bold Content 3 Types of Local Business Videos For An Effective Online Marketing Strategy

64% of marketers choose to make video the core of their online marketing strategy, according to a recent Neilsen study. If you have decided to join them and embark on a video marketing strategy the next question is what type of videos to produce. Budgets are tight for most local businesses and so you want to be sure that you aren’t wasting your money. Here are three of the most common types of local business videos which can form the foundation of your online marketing. 

1. Explainer Videos

Explainer video quickly convey the unique selling proposition (USP) of your offering. Because video combines visuals, sound and on-screen text it can deliver a great deal of information in a short space of time. Video is ideal not only for explaining the value of your product but also expressing the emotional experience of buying.

If you have a single offering then one sales video may be sufficient, but if you offer multiple products then you may want to have individual videos made. While this will be more expensive, it’s an investment that has been proven to pay-off. Product storage e-retailer have added more than 500 videos to their website. The result? According to Stacksandstacks customers who watch one of their videos are up to 144% more likely to add the product to their shopping cart. Explainer Video

The amount of detail will be in direct relation to the complexity of your product. If you are selling a technical product to a sophisticated audience then it may be important to go into specific product details. The key is to pitch your video at the right level, avoiding unnecessary jargon but without talking down to your viewer. Animation is currently the most popular format for explainer videos. A recent survey showed that 59% of marketers selecting this option. But, it is by no means the only way for you to present your product. Options for your explainer video include:

  • 2D Animation
  • 3D Animation
  • Live Action
  • Stop Motion
  • White Board
  • Infographic

You can learn more about the different types of explainer videos here.

What to consider when creating an explainer or product video

* Benefits One common mistake made when creating an explainer video is to convey only the product’s features. A good explainer video will focus on explaining the benefits of the product to the customer. Benefits detail what is the positive difference that the product will make in your customer’s lives. People care less about what a product does, and more about what it can do for them.

* Format As noted above there is a range of different types of explainer videos you can choose from. There is no “one” right format. For a service based business seeing the people who will be providing that service can help to increase conversions. For, a new app 3D animation might be better for conveying the high tech nature of the product.

* Concision Your audience is unlikely to watch a lengthy explainer video. People are 50% more likely to watch a one minute video to the end compared to a minute video. Think carefully about what features and benefits you want to include and what can be taken out. 

2. About Us Video

An about us video highlights what makes your company unique. People are more likely to purchase from someone that they trust. Along with customer testimonial videos (see below) and about us video is one of the best ways of  showing the human face of the company.

What to consider when creating an about us video

Authenticity The key when creating this kind of content is authenticity. You want to present a down to earth – but professional – image of your company that people can relate to. A professional video production company can help you to make sure that you look your best when you appear on screen.

Context The person being filmed is not the only thing that will appear on camera. The background can also be used to convey a certain feeling or emotion. A sterile office environment is not always the best environment if you want to present your company as being approachable. Instead you might want to show your team in the environment that they work. 

Quality Remember that when recording an about us video the quality of the video will implicitly convey the value of your own brand. Investing in professional video production with broadcast quality cameras, and sound and color correction is essential.

3. Testimonial Video

According to Marketing Land 90% of consumers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. Prior to making purchasing decision people want to be confident that the product is going to produce the result that they desire. The easiest way for a business to provide that reassurance is to use a testimonial video.

Testimonial videos can help to lift conversion rates because of the trust in the product that they imbue. People are more likely to trust the opinion of a third party because it has greater credibility than a business talking about themselves. Video can be more persuasive than text because the viewer can actually see the face of the person giving the testimonial.

Most testimonial videos will be from previous clients. However, testimonial videos from industry experts can also work very well. The reason is that their recommendation is backed both their expertise and professional reputation. See below an example of a testimonial video we produced for educational app GL Assessment.

Once you have these foundational local videos in place you can start thinking about top level video content to attract people into your sales funnel. One example is to create a mini-documentary which presents personal stories of people’s experiences with your product. Another option is to create tutorial content which provides how to advice to common problems that your prospective customer may be facing. While these videos shouldn’t contain explicit selling they will help to build brand awareness and move people into your sales funnel.

What to consider when creating a testimonial video

Pre-interview the subject Audiences will respond better to a testimonial from someone who is personable on camera. Pre-interviewing the subject allows you to assess their suitability for your video. A pre-interview will also allow the subject to get more comfortable with what they are going to say when interviewed.

Key messages What is it that you want the person being interviewed to say? In just a few words the subject of the video might beautfully capture the essence of the value that your product or service provides. This is one reason why it is a good idea to use a practised interviwer to capture your testimional video. They will understand the right type of questions needed to elicit the key messages on camera.

Include the question in the answer When providing a testimonial ideally you want the subject to include the question in their answer. So for example, you would want the subject to say “We would recommend Bob’s Dry Cleaning because…”

Avoid scripted answers You want the person providing the testimonial to appear as natural as possible on camera. A scripted testimoinal can appear forced underming it’s credibility. This is why you should avoid “putting words in the mouth” of your subject

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