Bold Content Twitter First View Offers Advertisers Prime Positioning

In February Twitter started a rollout of a new video advertising service called First View. First View allows advertisers to get top position in users streams when they Tweet videos. This should give them greater exposure among Twitter’s estimated 320 million daily users. It also offers a potential answer to questions from investors about monetization at Twitter.

Key features of First View

First View ads will have prominent position – They will only have one organic Tweet ahead of them in the stream.

First View ads will stay in the stream for 24 hours – This will help to ensure the video reaches users who may log on just a few times a day.

Advertising fees are based on audience response – Advertisers charged when a Twitter user watches more than three seconds of the video or when they view it in full screen with audio.

Summary of First View

First View should be welcome news for investors who are worried about Twitter’s growth. Twitter’s user base has shown little movement in recent months, and some investors are showing concern that the company’s advertising revenues will suffer.

At present, Twitter lags Facebook and Google in digital advertising revenue, and analysts say that this gap is widening. A service like First View is one way for Twitter to ramp up its revenues even with a stagnating user base.


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